Friday, June 4

Courtesy of Drew Levan

The Bogarden:
Community Garden at the Corner of Bogard and Rutledge

Bogarden Updates!

The Bogarden won a Charleston County Community Pride Award
An awesome rainwater harvesting system has been installed for the garden.
Tractor Supply donated 30 tomato and pepper plants!

The following veggies have been harvested in the last two weeks: green beans, jalapenos, mesclun lettuce, collards, potatoes, basil, banana peppers, sugar snap peas, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and lots of weeds :-) Pretty soon we will be overflowing with tomatoes..walk by and grab one.

Bogarden Work-Day!

This Saturday June 5, 2010 we will be out at the garden from 10-3.
Tasks: Weeding, Sign Painting, Brick laying, and some good old fashion learning about gardening.

We will break for lunch around 12... at which point we will discuss our plan for volunteers and the public beds.
(We hope to have at least one person at the garden every Saturday).


Any gardening tools, gloves, sun screen, hats, water, potluck dish or drink (with serving utensils), a bowl/fork/spoon, a friend, random fun objects to beautify the garden, and a donation if possible (tomato cages, bamboo sections, scrap wood, outdoor paint, flowers, paint brushes, brick, and mulch are all on the want list... and money is always nice).

If you cannot stay long, please just stop by and check out how AWESOME the garden is looking :-) If you cannot make it, please reply to this email with any questions or days that you are interested in volunteering.

The Bogarden Group