Tuesday, March 30

Bogarden looking fabulous

For those of you not fortunate to have gone by the Bogarden recently (Rutledge and Bogard), check it out. Progress has been made and there now is a lovely path, raised beds and more decorative lelements. I took this photo the other day:

Thursday, March 25

Soil, Wood and Seeds - The $20 garden

Soil: Bees Ferry compost, low in nitrogen, mix with mushroom compost from All-Seasons Mulch on Johns Island. Amend with composted horse manure or home compost as needed for organic matter and nitrogen.

Wood: Pick old shelves, ladders, furniture to make raised beds or containers for plants. Additional wood for raised beds can be obtained a number of other ways.

Seeds: At the end of each year, seed companies get rid of their stock and replace it with new stock. This old stock germinates just as well and many seed stores will give those old seeds away or at very low prices.

Budget: $20. Yield: priceless homegrown veggies

Springtime in the Lowcountry

Just a few tips from your local community gardens:
  • Ask for anything, return the favour with publicity and fresh produce.
  • Hyams has 30% off any bags of soil, compost that are torn. The new beds have a mix of mushroom compost and topsoil now!
  • Get your summer plants started! This week's vegetables to plant are the following: tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, corn, lettuce.
  • As an old Gullah acquaintance of mine says: "Don't plant before Easter", I am happily bending to local knowledge (and what local knowledge).