Sunday, February 28

Elliotborough Community Garden Spring Cleaning

The Elliotborough Community Garden on Line St. in downtown Charleston is having a spring cleaning event on Saturday March 6th from 10am-1pm. Join them to help out and get dibs on some recently available gardening plots. More info: 843-834-4747 or

Thursday, February 11

New downtown community garden sprouting

The corner lot of Rutledge and Bogard in downtown Charleston is on the way to becoming Charleston's newest community garden!

Where is it? Google Map

Local neighborhood residents are facilitating the planning and building. If you want to get involved here are a couple of good dates:

Saturday, February 13th @ 1:30pm Clean-up day on the site to try and rake up glass, plastic, pick up dog poo, etc. We will also be mulching the corner of the yard, putting soil in a pile on the lot, and constructing a fence.

Saturday, February 20th @ 4:30pm Neighborhood cook-out (spicy black bean burgers!!!!) where we will be voting on different designs, taking suggestions for alterations of the design, and planning the first work day (where we will be building/painting boxes, putting in soil, planting the transplants, and celebrating our supremacy over other neighborhoods!).

Tuesday, February 2

All Season's Mulch saves day

Thanks to All Season's Mulch on Johns Island for donating a dump truck of their fine topsoil to Lowcountry Community Gardens!Link