Monday, April 19

Talk at Sea Island Savory Herbs

Yesterday, our friends at Sea Island Savory Herbs invited Lowcountry Community Gardens to come speak with the great folks of the Charleston Parks Conservancy, who were at Sea Island for a lecture series.

After seeing the magic of Jim Martin teaching a container planting workshop, I perused the usual grow houses, strumming my fingers along the scents and textures of the many varieties of herbs, flowers, and vegetables at Sea Island. Always a wonderful experience.

We spoke with a few people about what we were doing and got positive responses to our work. Allston, who's been helping out with plant donations and works at Sea Island, gave a great intro talk on the need for community gardens. This is particularly true in lower income neighborhoods, where access to healthy food choices are very limited. The concept of "food deserts" is very much present in many parts of Charleston, and community gardens are one step in the right direction. We are what we eat, so the many benefits of community gardening exceed the simple joy of growing food.

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