Saturday, April 17

Earth Day at Park Circle

It was a busy and beautiful day at Park Circle for the 2010 Earth Day Festival. I'm a little surprised myself that I am posting today. Anywho, in the world of community gardening in Charleston, things are growing. The array of people who came by our table was fabulous. From kids getting excited about growing white cucumbers to lively discussions on how to best plant tomatoes, we learned a lot. All tomato plants happily found new homes and many new seeds will be sowed this spring!

Thanks to all who stopped by. We really enjoyed talking with all of you and learning about new unknown community gardens (see community garden map) and new techniques. The more people collaborate, the better. It's what makes community gardens the place of genuine interaction they are. For those of you that got tomatoes, we found a nice little primer here on how to grow them. Make sure to bury them :)

Enjoy spring and let us know about your ideas and projects. We love working together with everyone. Contact:

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